ISOT SANDBOX you will be using the School of Technology (SOT) Sandbox environment.

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Project Desciption

The ISOT Sandbox

For this project, you will be using the School of Technology (SOT) Sandbox environment.

NOTE: There is a limit to the number of concurrent SoT Server connections. If the server reached its connection limit, then your login will be denied! To avoid the Sunday crunch time, do the projects earlier in the week.

Download the Project 3 instructions. Module 03- Course Project Instructions – ver. 5.2.docx Click for more options

Download and complete the following Project #3 Worksheet template. Project 3 Worksheet template ver 2.docx Click for more optionsBefore starting this project you must install the ISOT root certificate and download the RDP connection profile. Download the certificate file here: Click for more options

If you have already installed the root certificate on your host computer (for example, in one of the other courses), prior to 11/13/19, then you MUST REINSTALL THE NEW CERTIFICATEDownload the RDP connection profile here: cpub-mstsc-Desktop_Collecti-CmsRdsh.rdp Click for more options

Make sure to use the steps as described in the Instructions document. The Live Lecture may be referencing an older version of the instructions. But the downloaded document is ALWAYS the latest version.

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