Intrusion Detection using NeuroSolutions

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Project Desciption


Please gays if you did not work before in NeuroSolutions do not make offer.

Instruction for project proposal

Each student will provide a short proposal (max one page) including selected dataset, selected ML/DL models, and proposed tool for the implementation. The student can work on his/her project after its approval.

1.Selection of dataset

Android Malware Dataset“Before you start show me the dataset that you will work with”

2.Selection of ML model

Each student will select any three models of ML/DL/GFF for this project.

Instruction for project methodology and results analysis


Apply all steps of methodology as we discussed in Lecture # 4 and provide detail of every step with screenshot that you have implemented in your project. You can also use a diagram to represent your methodological steps along with its detail.

2.Performance Analysis

Each student will apply any three models on the selected dataset. The obtained results will be analyzed based on accuracy, error rate, sensitivity, specificity, and recall. The results of selected three models will be compared and addressed with each other as well as to similar approaches on the same dataset in recent literature.


Each student will submit his/her project report as per the attached template via LMS before Nov 01, 2020. Also, Each student will have to present his/her work in a short presentation.

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