Interpersonal Communication

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Project Desciption

This week we are staring to focus on the how our self concept develops and why it matters in our communication.

Read Chapter 3 in Interpersonal Communication by Kory Floyd.

Step 1 Please post your initial response:

Answer the following question in your post. To do so, just select the “reply” button, below. Add your initial reply post to this discussion by Thursday night at 11:59pm. Your post must be at least 200 words.

Discussion questions for the week:

  • In what ways has your self concept changed over the the course of your adolescent and adult life? What parts of your self-concept have remained relatively constant?
  • When it comes to social comparison, what reference groups are particularly important to you?
  • After you complete your Johari Window exercise, please post it. What did you discover about yourself?

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