Greece, widespread identification and inventory of potential conservation

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Emergence and ambiguities of a national strategy for risk management
In 2008, Ecuador had just gone through a long period of social unrest and political instability that had begun in the middle of the 1990s, and was at the threshold of significant institutional, economic and political changes [RAM 10]. Following this troublesome period, a new constitution was adopted. It made risk management a mandate of the State (art. 389) as well as a prerogative of the local public authorities (art. 390) as part of the decentralization process that the country was undergoing. Concurrently with this regulatory process, there were heavy rains pounding Ecuador’s coast over several months. The crisis situation speeded up the creation of a Technical Secretariat for Risk Management in April 2008. The Secretariat took over the prerogatives of the two institutions in charge of civil protection (the Civil Defense and National Security Council of Ecuador), and was responsible for setting up the Decentralized National Risk Management System (SNDGR) set out in the Constitution.

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