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Your role in supporting the family of a child with special needs is very important. The first step in this assignment is to explore the resources that are provided for you in Module 6. They are all related to the parenting experiences in families with a child with a disability.

Then, I want you to imagine you are a preschool teacher with a class of 12 four-year-olds. One of the children in your class has a disability with an IEP (Individualized Education Program). For the purposes of this discussion, it could be any kind of disability.

Using the resources provided in Module 6, discuss some important ways you, as the preschool teacher, can be supportive of the child’s parents. It doesn’t have to be direct support; it could be that you are supportive by being understanding when the parent is consistently late dropping off the child.

Your initial post should be a well-written paragraph (or longer) sharing 2-3 ways you will support and help the family and why you chose them as important.

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