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Financial Accounting ACG2022 Excel Final Project

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It is an extensive mini case that needs all calculations to be shown for full credit. The project is an excel sheet that shows the difference in finances through a lot of questions and prompts given that are needed to show the difference between company A and B from a financial aspect. I will attach the full prompt and assignment. A sample question of some of the stuff you will be answering is. It is a long and extensive assignment due on December 7th. I need help immediately.


Prepare a vertical analysis for each company for the first three years of financials and determine:
a. After Cost of Sales, what is each company’s largest expense? Did this expense increase/decrease relative to sales each year?
b. What percentage of each company’s assets are financed by debt? (To determine this, divide the total liabilities by total assets).
Which stakeholder(s) would be concerned about a company’s debt levels? Why? (Your answer must be 1-2 sentences long)
c. What was each company’s trend in current assets to total assets over the three years? Did it increase/ decrease, vary or remain the same?
d. Look at each company’s Cost of Sales relative to its Sales. Is the proportion of COGS remaining stable relative to Sales? If not,
what could be the cause for the increase/ decrease? Provide at least two possible explanations for your answer.

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December 4, 2020