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Project Desciption

Film Assignment


This assignment if related to ancient myths shown in the movies. You are required to watch four movies and answer the question completely related with movies and real myths. In answers you need to give specific evidence for statement that you make. as this is 3rd year university level course so avoid general overviews and dive deep and give example for each and every point that you made. REFERENCES ARE MUST!!!


The aim of the viewing journal is to help you develop your skills in writing critically about how the ancient world is depicted in film.

This is NOT an exercise in description, or simply a review of whether you think a film is ‘good’ or bad’; but rather an opportunity to explore how and why films differ from their source material, and how the past is used to talk about the present.

Although you will be engaging with secondary scholarship in your responses, I want to hear YOUR voice – do not just summarize other people’s opinions, but construct your own argument and analysis.

Remember: even though there is technically no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ response to many of the questions being asked, your responses should always be supported by specific evidence and examples.


Your viewing journal should be produced as a SINGLE word document (i.e. do not start a new document each week).

Please add a new heading for each week, clearly stating the film being analysed.

You should include both the questions AND your responses for each week to make clear which question you are answering.

Although many of the questions are asking for a personal response, you should still write in a formal, academic manner – full sentences, correct grammar usage, with a clear structure.

You may wish to include formal references in your responses. If so, you may use any of the main referencing systems (MLA, Chicago, APA) – but you must be consistent in your use of a single system throughout.

Ancient literary sources have a different and unique citation system. For a guide to citing ancient sources, see…

Questions are attached below..

answer each Question for more then 300 Words.


Disney Hercules!Ai5-SwD-f0kziBdmVsW1uBtAU3gv?e…

Hercules (2014)!Ai5-SwD-f0kziBr-usyxb3NvI2l1?e…

Spartacus (1960)!Ai5-SwD-f0kziCCSEp8q0yM7AXha?e…

and for troy i am attaching it below with questions.

To play the audio please download the ppt.


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