Essay writing project (Briefly describe a personal Sputnik moment)

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Project Desciption

Use this worksheet as a guide to help you organize and focus your personal narrative.

Don’t forget the sensory detail exercise on the second page!

1. In your own words, explain what this assignment requires you to do.

2. Briefly describe what a personal Sputnik moment is. (But be aware that you don’t have to use the term “Sputnik moment” at all in your essay! You need only incorporate the concept. If you do use the term, you will need to cite Rich…provide a full reference to the author, title of the article, and a brief discussion of it. Incorporating Rich is optional…but if you reference her ideas, you do need to reference her.)

3. What specific personal experience or event have you selected for your narrative? Briefly explain why it qualifies as a personal Sputnik moment.

4. What do you think would be an effective way to introduce your narrative and set up your thesis? Identify a tentative thesis. Note: if you haven’t yet figured this out, come back to your thesis later…This should be your overall main point about the significance of the experience you are writing about.

5. Organization: Do you plan to narrate your experience in chronological time sequence, reverse chronological, flashback, flash forward, or some combination? Why do you think this approach will work best for your narrative?

6. Identify several key points or moments that will help you narrate your experience. Why are these moments or events significant?

7. What conclusions can you draw about the significance of this experience? In what ways has it created an awakening about yourself and life and opened your eyes to a much deeper reality?

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