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Can you help me understand this Business question?


Read the two part interview of GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt:

GE’s Jeff Immelt Interview Part 1.pdf

GE’s Jeff Immelt Interview Part 2.pdf

Now, based on this week’s readings, identify the key features of GE’s corporate strategy as it planned to respond to digitization in the industrial sector. Remember, corporate strategy’s essential elements include considering new industries/lines of businesses, diversification, building corporate-level resources, divestment of loss-making businesses in the portfolio, and so on.

Write 6 or more sentences on GE’s corporate strategy for digitization under Immelt’s leadership.

It is advisable to first write your post on Word, edit it for clarity and impact while being brief, and then copy and paste it here. Then, over the rest of the week respond to at least one other post from other students. You have to post first and then you can read and respond to others.

You can definitely respond to more than one post. This forum will close on Friday, so please make your initial post as early as you are able to.

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