Discussion: Agile OCM and the PMO

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Project Desciption

Discussion: Agile OCM and the PMO

Please you have to write like an essay not only question answers. you have to go depth of the content and write an about 2-3 paragraph of including all the question answers.

Choose ONE of the videos below and post the following:

  1. List KEY CONCEPTS from the video, including a definition, description, and why it has value
  2. What was MOST beneficial to you and WHY
  3. What was LEAST beneficial to you and WHY
  4. How would these concepts be applied in the real world — companies or organizations?

Discussion Post Requirements:

As with all Discussion Posts, your original post is due WEDNESDAY each week, end of day. At least TWO replies to fellow students are due SATURDAY end of day.

Video 1 – Agile and Organizational Change Management: (please copy and paste the link below in your web browser)

Agile and OCM


Video 2 – Agile and the PMO:

Agile and the PMO


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