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Computer Software Programmer Job Description
Computer software programmers are commonly known as computer programmers. Computer programmers and software developers often get mixed up because they work together and a lot of their job duties overlap. The main distinction between the two is that computer programmers are primarily responsible for the code that enables software programs to work. A few job duties that are specific to computer programmers include:

Updating and expanding existing programs
Writing new programs in various languages
Testing programs for mistakes and fixing faulty code
Using code libraries, or collections of independent code lines, to simplify the code writing process
Computer programmers may perform the same tasks as developers on occasion. This can include designing the software, planning how the code will be written, and developing an interface or application.

The amount of work computer programmers do depends on how complex the code they are writing is. Different software will require different types and amounts of code, all of which have varying levels of difficulty. Some projects can take up to a year to complete. Much of the work is solitary, and many programmers work from home.

Computer Programming Education
Becoming a computer programmer typically requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another related field. Many employers require a bachelor’s degree, but some individuals with an associate’s degree can qualify. Programmers who work in specific fields may need to take additional courses so they have a working knowledge of the field. For example, a programmer who writes accounting programs may take accounting courses to get a basic understanding of the accounting industry and the needs of the user.

Computer science degrees typically teach students through hands-on experience, where they will learn how to write code, fix errors, and test programs, among other duties. Students in this degree usually don’t learn every programming language, but they are given the skills necessary to learn on their own. Some computer programmers may take continuing education courses or attend seminars to keep up with changing technology.

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