Creat a Dockerfile

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Creat a Dockerfile

Need help creating Dockerfile

Using Lab1 complete Lab2

Using Lab 1 as a guide create a Dockerfile which will produce a custom image that will run the affinity

web application.

Keep in mind you will not have to integrate all steps from Lab 1 for example testing the Apache and Php

installation. You have the freedom to design the Dockerfile anyway you’d like there is no right or wrong

way for submission. For example some may choose to COPY the affinity application directory into the

container and others may use git clone to pull the application.

Ultimately, I should be able to build and run the container. It should allow me to go to localhost and see

the affinity web page.

Also, remember that you should use Ubuntu:18.04 as your base image due to some problems installing

the application on later versions.

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