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Project Desciption

Guidelines for “Non-assigned” Reading

The world is fascinated by the situations, organizations, publics, agents, goals, messages, technologies, and arts that fall under the umbrella of Public Relations: Whether you read long or short passages, your “everyday reading” overlaps with the challenges and ideas of public relations. For this assignment, find an article with implications for public relations: Summarize it and briefly assess what it suggests about the broad phenomenon of public relations.

Your “final draft” will take the form of an annotated bibliography entry in PRECISE MLA or APA format: use a “bibliography generator” to help you get the conventional form right!

What you turn in should look like this:

Works Cited

Scott, Roxanne, producer. “With 100,000 Visitors Set To Descend, Kentucky Town Sees Eclipse’s Economic Upside.” Here and Now, WBUR, 16 Aug. 2017, This story about the Total Eclipse of 2017 focuses on the community at the center of this natural phenomenon, Hopkinsville, KY. The story focuses on the extensive and precise planning process for the August 21st event. Citizens, politicians, business leaders, logistics experts, astronomers, and communication experts have all worked together to control what they can control. The story also acknowledges the uncertainties about how the event will come off. This story reminds us that a public relations campaign is a broad project that requires the full range of participants, actions, institutions, messages, and collaborations. This case also reminds us that public relations is not always about damage control.

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