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Question 4.What event marked the end of the Ghost Dances?

· the death of Sitting Bull

· the Wounded Knee Massacre

· the capture of Geronimo

· the ratification of the Dawes Act

Question 5.By the end of the 19th century, most of the New South industries were __________.

· textile mills, tobacco factories, and steel mills

· sawmills, cotton production, and tobacco factories

· orchards, coal mines, and steel mills

· orchards, cotton production, and tobacco factories

Question 6.The Jim Crow system restricted the rights and political participation of __________.

· poor southerners

· immigrants

· farmers

· African Americans

Question 7.“I will fight no more forever” is a famous statement made by __________ at his surrender in Montana.

· Chief Red Cloud

· Sitting Bull

· Chief Joseph

· Geronimo

Question 8.Which of the following was NOT a major factor in the American evolution from small industries to massive, impersonal corporations?

· new immigration regulations

· new technologies

· new methods of manufacturing

· new theories of business organization

Question 9.Regarding the Plains tribes, the U.S. federal government’s ultimate goal was to __________.

· extinguish tribal society through land policies, education, and law

· teach the tribes how to be self-sufficient and self-governing

· relocate the Plains tribes across the border to Canada

· assimilate the Plains tribes into one larger group

Question 10.Southern mill owners often excluded African American workers from their textile mills, due to prejudice and fear of __________.

· violence

· labor strikes

· miscegenation

· unionization

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