Build a consensus and unified approach on how to answer the assigned questions for Case Study

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Project Desciption

CASE: Innocent or Guilty?

Build a consensus and unified approach on how to answer the assigned questions for Case Study: Innocent or Guilty by Joanne B. Ciulla. Discuss how you would handle the problems or challenges presented in the case.

FIRST read attached case study:

THEN answer below questions:


  • What are your duties in this situation?
  • To whom do you have moral obligations, or what duties do you have to the various stakeholders in the case?
  • How would a Kantian decide the case?
  • Would your ethical obligations in this case be different if people were afraid to work with Jones because he had AIDS?

Course Text: The ethics of leadership by Joanne B. Ciulla

Assignment will not be accepted unless these three things are followed and reflected in the assignment.

  • When giving your opinion and ideas it is mandatory to support your response with ‘fact-finding’ and quote any research studies you have access to – including your text.
  • ALL claims must be supported by scholarly sources.
  • When writing, supporting claims and/or building a scholarly framework one should use sources published within the last 5 year period (from the date of the writing). Exceptions are: The source is germinal; the source is the last published document dealing with the issue (this is rare); one is using the older literature to show a trend (comparing or contrasting with newer literature.

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