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Answer some questions(8-10) about these topics

Identify five health-related benefits of regular physical activityDescribe the four components of physical fitnessIdentify the components of the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, and rank these four components according to the rate at which they produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP)Describe how exercise intensity and duration affect the use of carbohydrates and fat as fuelDefine carbohydrate loading, and describe when the practice may be beneficialExplain why adequate dietary carbohydrates are necessary for endurance training to be effectiveIdentify and explain the relationship between the components of the female athlete triadIdentify factors that affect fluid needs of athletes, and discuss strategies to optimize hydration during and after exerciseCalculate carbohydrate, fluid and protein needs of athletesDescribe the results of insufficient calories, fluid, carbohydrates and protein in athletesDescribe the effects of relative energy deficiency of sport Describe athlete plate and nutrient timing…

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