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Assignment 3

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1. Review my comments on your second essay. What revision strategies would be most helpful in strengthening the paper? Write a brief plan for revising the draft to make it more effective.

2. How would you characterize Frost’s voice in “The Road Not Taken”? He is hesitant and indecisive about which road to choose: “sorry I could not travel both,” he writes, ” / And be one traveler, long I stood” (ll. 2-3). He takes a long time to make what seems a simple enough decision–and then he keeps second-guessing himself, wondering if he made the right choice, uncertain about whether one road might be better than the other, “Though as for that,” he writes, “the passing there / Had worn them really about the same” (ll 9-10). He plans to tell people, in the future, he took the less traveled road–but does he any evidence that he actually did? Make a list of adjectives that might describe Frost–start with indecisive. How would you characterize him–his personality, his attitude, his feelings?

3. What might the image of the roads symbolize?

4. Is Frost similarly indecisive about making choices in “Stopping by Woods . . .” or “Acquainted with the Night”? What personality traits might you add to your list after reading these poems and “After Apple Picking”? Write a paragraph that offers an overall characterization of the voice you hear in Frost poems. [Note: In the 13th line of “Stopping by Woods . . .,” there should be no comma after the word “dark.”]


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