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Project Desciption

article review


please check the power point

MGT 5013 Article Review Instructions

You will write reviews for eight different articles during the semester. Your article review must include the following to receive full credit:

1. The title and date of the article.
2. 3-5 paragraphs summarizing the article in your own words.

3. 3-5 paragraphs connecting lessons in the article with lessons in the class. For example, if you chose an article that examines sustainability, did it agree or disagree with the section of sustainability in chapter 2 of the textbook?

4. 3-5 paragraphs on your perspectives of the article. What did you learn that was new to you? What did you find interesting? Did the article change any of your preconceived ideas?

5. Your review should be in Word format, 12-point font and double-spaced. It must follow the format given below.

6. Be sure to keep a copy of your article accessible because you will be asked to share your review during the class meeting.

Article Review Format

MGT 5103 – Article Review Professor Wasiloff

(Title and date of the article)
Write a paragraph summarizing the article in your own words. Do not simply copy and

paste the article, instead you need to provide a 3-5 paragraphs, minimum, breakdown.

Ethics Lessons

Compare the article to the concepts you are learning in class and through the textbook. See bullet point #3 above for more information.

My Perspective

In this paragraph you will provide your takeaways from the article. Let me know what you found interesting and elaborate on your thoughts.

please read !!!

please check the power point and make sure that the article related to the power point.

Article Summary


4 and below Needs Improvement 5-6 Fair
7-8 Good
9-10 Excellent


Grading Rubric

  •  The article is summarized in the students’ own words. Sections from the article that are used in the review are cited.
  •  Concepts from the article are appropriately connected with lessons from lectures and the textbook.
  •  The student provides a thoughtful perspective on the article.
  •  The student gives a complete review of the article in class (article summary, lessons from class, the students’ perspective).
  •  Spelling and grammar are correct.
  •  Paragraph form is used and each paragraph is an appropriate length (not too short).
  •  Article review format is correct. Article title and date are included.

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