Annotated Bibliography & Problem Statement

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Project Desciption

Annotated Bibliography & Problem Statement


This assignment is related to the research paper you already completed about cost-effectiveness in agile methodology.

Complete the following assignment requiring you to read and annotate 10 scholarly articles and formulate a problem statement using the template provided. Please check the 2 attachments – Word & Excel. Both needs to be completed. I am attaching a document with links of articles. Please follow APA format.

1.Provides summary and required details for each of the ten sources analyzed. 2.Notes and explain the gaps identified or recommendations for future research in each of the ten sources. 3.Explains how each source will apply to your research
1.Problem is informed and supported by research 2.Properly follows the template and includes complete and logical statements 3.Includes both in-text citations and references of work cited (contains at least one citation of problem)

COMM 0.1:
COMM 0.3
COMM 0.5:
COMM 1.5:

1.Demonstrates an understanding of the context of the topic and rationale 2. Points stated precisely and using proper English reflective of graduate level work 3. Reflects appropriate proofreading for grammar, spelling, capitalization and sentence structure and is substantially error-free 4. Avoids, run-on sentences, confusing words or phrases, wordiness 5.Demonstrates appropriate use of APA format in formatting, citations and references

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