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Air Cargo Reports

  • Job Duration0 - 6 Hours
  • Project LevelBasic Level

Project detail

Project detail

Submit  8-10 page Air Cargo reports on a selected topic from a chapter listed in the Airports Council International – North America Air Cargo Guide (Links to an external site.)  This guide has ten chapters which cover different topics related to the Air Cargo Industry. Select one chapter from the guide:


  • Chapter 2 – Developing an Air Cargo Market
  • Chapter 3 – Demand Forecasting Techniques
  • Chapter 4 – Air Cargo Facility Analysis
  • Chapter 5 – Financial and Management Strategies
  • Chapter 6 – Bilateral and Regulatory Issues
  • Chapter 7 – The Airport – Tenant Relationship
  • Chapter 8 – Airport Performance Benchmarking
  • Chapter 9 – Security
  • Chapter 10 – Alternative Land Use

Review a minimum of ten articles written in the last five years in addition to your two selected chapters from the Air Cargo Guide. For each selected chapter, using Word®, write an 8 to 10 page report. For the report:

  1. Provide a thorough summary of the general content from your chosen chapter.
  2. Review and incorporate into each report a minimum of ten peer reviewed journal articles, written in the last five years, as current research progressed in the area.

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