African American History

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African American History

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I need an explanation for this History question to help me study.

The following are the questions that i need to answer

  • Provide several examples of Africans’ resistance to European intrusions in the early slave trade. How did Africans fight back, both individually and collectively, against slave raids, kidnappings, and their own captivity?
  • How did the character of slavery change throughout colonial North America between 1619 and 1739?What factors were responsible for these changes?
  • Describe the regional variations of slavery throughout Britain’s North American colonies.How did the development of and attitudes toward the institution differ in each era?
  • How did African Americans on both the patriot and loyalist sides use the Revolution to pursue and secure their own freedom? How did they draw on the conflict’s ideology to do so? Choose several examples from the chapters to support your argument
  • How did the events of 1830-1860 fuel the mounting tensions between the North and the South?
  • How did free black northerners begin to link their plight to that of enslaved southerners?

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