accounting excel spreadsheet on ratios to be completed

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accounting excel spreadsheet on ratios to be completed

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Greetings I have an excel spreadsheet in the attachments below. I will need you to type in the formula for each, put if it is increasing or decreasing, and to explain each ratio.

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PROFITABILITY Since a major goal of the company is to attain a high level of profitability, we would like to see a high value for these ratios. We can relate the company’s profits to almost any item on the balance sheet or income statement (e.g., net income to total assets, net income to common equity, net income to sales, etc.) Ratio Formula Increasing or Decreasing better? Sales Sales Growth Gross Profit Margin Return on Sales Return on Assets Return on Equity Return on Investment Eanrings Per Share LIQUIDITY & LEVERAGE Liquidity is the ability to have enough cash to pay bills coming due in the current year. Leverage is the amount of debt carried by the business compared to equity in the business. Two considerations are open credit lines which means that a company does not have to carry as much debt and whether the company

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