3 paragraphs Analysis

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Project Desciption

3 paragraphs Analysis



Pick a topic from this learning unit that you found interesting and compelling. Potential topics include: American revolution, the early republic, colonist-native relations, slavery, slave rebellions.


Select a primary source document from your readings on Canvas that aligns with the topic you’re interested in. Primary sources you can choose from include:

  • “Oneida declaration of neutrality, 1775,”
  • “Boston King recalls fighting for the British and securing his freedom, 1798.”
  • “Thomas Jefferson’s racism, 1788,”
  • “Black scientist Benjamin Banneker demonstrates Black intelligence to Thomas Jefferson, 1791,”
  • “Maria Stewart bemoans the consequences of racism, 1832,”
  • “Nat Turner explains the Southampton rebellion, 1831,”
  • “Harriet Jacobs on rape and slavery, 1860,”
  • “George Fitzhugh argues that slavery is better than liberty and equality, 1854,”
  • “Mary Polk Branch remembers plantation life, 1912.”


Analyze your selected primary source using the guiding questions we’ve covered in class:

  1. Content: what is the document about, what is the general topic?
  2. Citation: when was this document created and by who?
  3. Context: what was going on in the world and/or region when this document was written? What major economic, social, political, or cultural trends might this document be responding to directly or indirectly?
  4. Connections: Does this document reflect, support, or challenge what we are learning in class? What connections to other class content to do you see in this document?
  5. Communication: Does this source have an identifiable point of view or bias? Do you think this document is reliable? Why or why not?
  6. Conclusions: How does this source contribute to our understanding of history and the moment in which it was written? What is the main idea or take away for you?


Write a 2-3 paragraph analysis that addresses all of the above questions. In addition, your analysis must be supported with evidence drawn from the textbook and lectures. Make sure your evidence is cited!

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