Health debates

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Health debates

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I’m studying for my Business class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

TASKS: For this Journal entry, students are to contemplate and thoughtfully answer the following questions, demonstrating critical thinking and the ability to make connections to assigned readings and class discussions:

(This task requires reading materials and writing a 350-450 word response)

  1. After reviewing the resources provided below, list five (5) habits you plan to actively adopt to reduce your energy usage. Explain your plan and how you intend to monitor your energy usage to determine that you have reduced your levels of energy usage.
  2. What are some ethical issues concerning the continued high usage of fossil fuels? From whose perspective? Explain your thoughts from more than one perspective.

TASKS2:(There is no reading material for this task. Write a 3-4 sentence response to each question below. There are no other requirements. Just answer according to your own understanding.)

1. After listening to the continued student Health debates on Monday 9/28/20, what other comments would you have added about Debate 3: Should the US government regulate the prices of non-generic drugs?

2. In your opinion, why is global health important? Explain your thoughts in your own words.

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