intro to Swift programing language – EXAM

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intro to Swift programing language – EXAM


I’m studying and need help with a Programming question to help me learn.

I’m taking an intro to Swift Language class, and I have the first midterm tomorrow.


1- Constants, Variables, and Types
2- Operators and Conditional Statements
3- Strings and Functions
4- Structures & Managing Structures
5- Classes, Objects, and Inheritance
6- Unit testing
7- Arrays and Dictionaries
8- Iterating through collections

1st part questions will be similar to the quizzes(attached), part 2 will be coding part similar to a lab (also attached)

I have all my classwork examples, quizzes, labs.

Exam will start at 2:30PM Thursday OCT 1st, Los Angeles time.

we have 1:50 to get it done.

I need live help during that time, I will get the questions when it starts, and we have to finish it before the time limit.

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