determine the identity of the components

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Project Desciption

Written Instructions for Expt. 1 :

You will be given unknown #2. Using the attached image at the end of this lab module, you will determine the identity of the components that make up the unknown you have been given. The steps needed to complete the experiment were demonstrated in the video presentation. Follow along closely!

Fill out the calculation sheet by measuring the Rf value for each component. Remember that the bands that are on the chromatography paper are in the same order as the calculation sheet. The last column on the chromatography paper is where your unknown resides with two bands that compose it. Your goal is to determine the identity of those bands by looking at similar Rf values, how the colors were identified (UV light or Ammonia chamber), and color of band (written next to each band).

Steps for how to calculate Rf values are given within the Lab Instructions before the calculation sheet. Use the ruler provided in the photo to determine distances (distance values need to be in mm). Remember to report values with units. Would Rf values have units?

these instruction for video white board , Exp.1 Paper Chrom and unknown #2 image


after that open this link

do the experminet in this website and fill out the sheet you will find it in the website


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