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150 Words Max Simple Discussion


1.Read Chaucer, “The Wife of Bath” – Prologue and Tale (1387-1400).

Available at either of the following sources:

    • Prologue and Tale

Of the “Prologue,” read ONLY lines 1-36; lines 72-122; lines 231-419. Skim 242-385; and 510-834. Read the entire “Tale.”2. Read Patience Agbabi “Prologue (Grime Mix)” and “What do Women Like Bes Mrs. Alice Ebi Bafa (The Wife of Bath,s Tale)” In Agbabi. Telling Tales. Edinburgh/London: Canongate, 2015. 1-2 and 31-37.

Watch Agbabi perform “Prologue”

3. In her “Prologue (Grime Mix)” to her Telling Tales, Patience Agbabi writes that “Chaucer Tales were an unfinished business” and that what she has to offer is those “Tales, track by track…the remix” (3). In a post that is 150 words long max., comment on how Agbabi “finishes” Chaucer’s “Wife of Bath” (“Prologue” or the “Tale” itself or both!), if she does. That is, is what she “does to Chaucer” something that will “finish him off,” shut him down, complete him, or not? In your post, you MUST COMPARE at least one (1) specific line or moment in the two texts to illustrate your point. Don’t just juxtapose the two texts and say they are different (or the same), however. Make an argument about what Agbabi’s “remix” “does to” Chaucer! (You can also refer to the YouTube videos of Agbabi perform “Prologue” if you want!)

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