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Project Desciption

VB.Net application

Choose any one from the given list below and create your own VB.Net Application. When you create your application, make sure to change the company name into your own company name as well as the logo. You have to design your VB forms appropriately and use different controls (like textbox, listbox, combo box, radio buttons, menustrip, progressbar, timer etc) in your application. Your application should include the ALL requirements stated below.

Choose any ONE from the following list of Information system:  Gym Management System

 Hotel Management System
 Salon Management System
 Clinic Management System
 Indoor playground Management System


  1. A brief introduction of what information system selected from above is all about and the scope of information system selected from above.
  2. Create and Design a VB.Net application that will include the following:
    1. Log in form– Create at least 2 different users with different level of access/privileges. Thelogin form should validate the given username and password and will display appropriate messages if invalid data is entered. If valid username and password are entered, a splash screen will be displayed and then the main form/menu will be displayed with all the functionalities/operations that can be performed by the user. A user can have only at most three (3) attempts to login. After three invalid attempts, the application/program should be closed automatically. Password should not be readable. A button “Clear” is be used to clear all the fields so that the next user logon to the system.
    2. Splash screen – will show the name of your system as well as the logo. Create and design your own company name and logo. This will be displayed only if the entered username and password are valid.
    3. Main Menu – a form that will contain all the functionalities a valid user can perform based on his/her level of access/privileges. (e.g. maintenance, transaction, simple, parameter and export report)

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