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privilege and oppression


  • to demonstrate the centrality of personal and cultural values and beliefs to an understanding of privilege and oppression.
  • to demonstrate skills in critical analysis and research methods in a specific theoretical and practice context.


“We all need to critically reflect upon the ways in which we receive unearned advantages in our lives because of the consequences of those advantages for the reproduction of oppression” (Pease 2010:16).

The above quote provides the theoretical context for your assignment. You must address the following 3 elements in your assignment.

  1. Critically discuss the theoretical concepts of privilege and oppression to show your understanding of the ways the privileges of dominant groups contribute to maintaining the oppression of subordinate groups in society. Remember to explore the complexity of privilege and oppression.
  1. Discuss the unearned advantages you** have received during your life and the ways you continue to benefit from these advantages. Link to the literature.
  1. Identify the privileges you gain as a tertiary educated, professional welfare worker, and explain how these privileges can contribute to the ongoing oppression of others. Link to the literature on privilege and oppression.

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