Pricing strategy using both Perceptual Map and Multi Attribute Model

This company has developed an App called “Workmate App”. Sales and service persons from 10 medium companies are currently using this App. Demo has been given to large companies, and however, this company’s sales strategies is not effective to attract such large companies. Most of the companies do not use all the features available in the App, and these companies particularly wanted the feature that live tracks sales persons.
This company is looking to formulate pricing strategies to attract customers.
What type of companies should be targeted?
What are the features should be added to this App so that they can enter into Global Market?
1. Student should understand more about workmate app.
2. They can do the swot analysis of workmate as well as other competitors.
3. To enter into global market what we need to do.
4. Also suggest the pricing strategy with feature categories to get into more number of companies.
Here is MyMap’s biggest competition
1. Field sense
2. IFS service management
3. Lane square
4.Delta Tech
5. Snowebs
Please write about Pricing strategy using both Perceptual Map and Multi Attribute Model
It can be a challenge getting pricing info, but you should be able to make educated guesses.
Right now, MyMap is in the middle of the pack as far as pricing. its USP (unique selling proposition) is that they use their own map, as opposed to 3rd party data.
Please write two pages paper, double space. And an excel document (I have attached an example of the excel)

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