Possible Alternate Secondary Diagnosis

Another possible secondary diagnosis for Smith would be Other Hallucinogen Use Disorder. The use of hallucinogens impairs and distress the patients in various ways. By the age of eighteen, Smith had begun to rely on crystal meth to regulate her mood. This is a strong and addictive hallucinogen. She did not follow up on a friend’s recommendation to seek outpatient counseling services. Recurrent hallucinogen use is one of the symptoms of Other Hallucinogen Use Disorder. Smith continually used crystal meth for many years before seeking psychological help. The DSM Code for this disorder is 304.50 (F16.20) (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).
Although Smith uses hallucinogens to moderate her mood, this is not the most used substance. The selected secondary diagnosis was Alcohol Use Disorder because it was the maid substance used by the patient. During the evaluation by Jackson, Smith demonstrated the recurrent use of alcohol from a tender age all through to adulthood. However, the use of crystal meth is only mentioned once, and details are not as detailed as when compared to the use of alcohol. Smith offers information about how alcohol was a go-to substance during many of her problems such as family and relationship issues.

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