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Policy Alternatives This assignment involves:

Description  Presentation and Paper #2 Policy Alternatives This assignment involves: A) A presentation (10 slides and 10 minutes per group) B) A paper (6-10 pages) d For the presentation you will all be graded individually and each of you will be responsible for presenting a section of the paper (in about 2 slides). Presentation/Paper contents Cover Page The title of the paper: State the policy issue followed by the words “Policy Alternatives” Names of all group members A statement of how this paper should be graded: “graded as a group” or “graded individually” Policy Alternative #1,2- Status Quo (1-2 pages each). Describe 2 existing policies that are currently being implemented to address the social problem you defined in the last paper1. Make sure that your description for each of the policies includes: A) The name of the policy. (for example, The Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act of 1965. B) A Description of the policy AND an explanation of how it is intended to work. (For example, the policy is a regulation that mandates all cigarette products to contain a warning label stating……. . It is intended to educate consumers on the risks of tobacco use so that they decrease their consumption) 1 If your group only has 3 members just describe 1 status quo policy. C) Who the target of the policy is. (for example, the policy targets manufacturers, packagers, and importers of cigarettes in the United States D) Who implements (or enforces) the policy. (For example, the Federal Trade Commission enforces the regulation trough under Section 5 of the FTC Act…..). E) A Brief Assessment of how effective the policy is at addressing the problem. References Use APA style and make sure all the in-text citations match the references in this section.


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