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There are the questions. you can combine all question to answer. 1: Summarize the incident(s) that led to your suspension and answer these questions: How are you responsible for being involved in the incident(s)? What kinds of decisions led to the incident(s)? How did your actions and subsequent suspension affect others? How did it affect you? 2: Identify what resources you will need to be successful at WSU. These could be financial support, emotional support, academic support, access to therapy or support groups, etc. Consider both on and off campus resources. The Office of Student conduct has a webpage with a list of resources to get you started. 3: What action steps will you take to ensure that you have access to those resources? Be specific. For example, if you identify counseling as a resource you will need, who will provide that for you? What days will you go? Etc. . . 4: What have you done while you were gone and, if allowed to return, how can you contribute positively to the WSU community?


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