paper work 1

paper work 1

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Purpose: The purpose of this project is for you to develop research skills necessary in self-directed learning as well as to acquire an international perspective regarding consumer behavior. As globalization perpetuates its influences on today’s businesses, it becomes necessary for marketers to effectively respond to the dynamic business environment. Further, technological driving force in the societies worldwide contributes to not only inevitable but also rapid changes in the realm of consumer behavior. Embracing a global perspective can only augment the firm’s competitive advantage and competence in capturing the new marketing opportunities. Directions/ Requirements: 1. Select a topic relating to the area of consumer behavior that has global/international context or perspective. In selecting such a topic, you do not need to overthink or look further than reflecting on your own experiences as a consumer. The most obvious and current example has to be the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on worldwide consumers. This unprecedented event has influenced consumers in their purchasing decisions (i.e., what, when, why, and how to buy). What are the similarities and differences? What contributes to consumers in various countries behaving in the same manner or in unique ways? How has this event brought about changes in the aspects of consumer psychology? For other examples, you can use consumer decision-making model to see if any stage in the process that you go through somehow relates to or is influenced by what is going on beyond our national border. Need recognition may be influenced by exposures via the Internet, global media (such as for entertainment), or social media. Use of the Internet and social media is an important phenomenon that consumers worldwide experience. Consumption of entertainment like the Hollywood movies that are distributed worldwide can increase product awareness and create needs. Cultures around the world are influencing one another, resulting in needs/wants for non-domestic goods and services as well as influencing consumer attitudes, beliefs, and values. With regard to information search, again, one common behavior shared by increasing number of consumers around the world is the Internet usage. Doing so allows consumers to gain greater product knowledge and become more aware of products that exist beyond their geographic areas. Alternatives of products and brands are expanded to include foreign ones. E-commerce and free-trade agreements among nations allow consumers to acquire products that are possibly better in design/quality, more satisfying to their needs, or less expensive. From the explanations above, several possible topics/issues already emerge and all of them have some relations to the global/international context or perspective, such as: • • • Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on worldwide consumers A close look at worldwide consumer responses to the pandemic Changes in consumption pattern of worldwide consumers due to pandemic • • • • • • • • • • Social media influence on worldwide consumers and consumption behaviors Global entertainment consumption and changes in consumer culture Influences of cultures on product design and development Foreign culture’s influence on consumers Emergence of global consumer culture U.S. cultural influence on worldwide consumers Trend in Internet usage and consumption Technology and consumer information search E-commerce and shopping beyond national borders Consumption of imports and consumer perceptions select one as the topic of choice. Then, you have to research more in-depth on that particular topic/issue and report other relating subtopics as these also will emerge during your research. 2. Conduct an in-depth research into the topic/issue you have chosen. List out sub-topics relating to the topic/issue to help you gather relevant information. Remember to view an issue from different viewpoints. If an argument is made, provide credible supports. 3. “Global View on Consumer Behavior” research paper should be at least 10 pages long (NOT including references) but no more than 15 pages. 4. Include at least five (5) references of information from credible sources (e.g., academic journals, textbooks, government sources, trade organizations, credible news sources). 5. For this project, APA style writing format must be followed. Refer to the resources provided for you in Blackboard. The final draft of your research paper should be free of grammatical or structural errors and present quality writing. 6. To earn credit, your submission must be typed, double-spaced using business-type font sized 12, with 1 inch margins. Grading schemes: 90-100 points = Well thought-out, in-depth research, presents a substantial body of relevant information relating to the topic/issue chosen, meets all of the requirements, shows ability to analyze and synthesize information from various sources 70-89 points = Missing few of the directions/requirements stated, shows evident effort and fair amount of research, needs some improvement in analyzing and synthesizing information from various sources 69 points and below = Missing various parts of the directions/requirements, shows little to no effort or lack of research, significant improvement needed in analyzing and synthesizing information from various sources Note: I selected this subject: • Social media influence on worldwide consumers and consumption behaviors. If you want to change the topic please let me know before you start the work, kindly do not wait to the last minute. …

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