Pandas lab

Lab 14 asks students to explore some Pandas code in Python where the instructor has ported the code from the lecture to Pandas for performance reasons. (Remember Pandas adds paralyzation features.)
Start by Downloading the following Jupyter Notebook file.
Once you have opened the notebook and execute cells 1 – 9.
Watch the process execute, read the instructions, and review the summary output.
Once you have completed the demo, you have an opportunity to adjust the code to download your preferred ebooks. Select 5 ebooks and update cell 10 so the ID numbers present in the id field, and then update the titles.
Once you have updated the id’s and titles, execute cells 10 through 13. To turn in your homework print your Jupyter Notebook and save it as a PDF (required)
This can be accomplised by:
Click File
Click “Print Preview”
This will open a static version of your notebook.
Using your browser’s print feature to save this static version of the notebook as a pdf.

.doc file


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