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organisational effectiveness

Unit 7.1 Organisational Behaviour
Level 7 15 Credits
You have seen a recruitment advertisement for the position of ‘Organisational Development Officer’ at
a large organisation in the City. Following your application, you have been shortlisted for interview
and have been asked to complete a number of tasks to demonstrate
 your knowledge and understanding of effective leadership behaviour,
 the impact of organisational structures and cultures on effectiveness
 how organisations can improve the effectiveness of employees in responding to business
Activity 1
As part of the selection process, you have been asked to prepare a report to submit at your interview.
In this report you must demonstrate your understanding of effective leadership behaviour theory and
leadership practice.
Your report must cover the following topics:
a) an evaluation of leadership theories
b) an evaluation of the impact of managerial styles on organisational effectiveness
c) an analysis of how motivational theory can inform employee motivation
d) an analysis of theories relating to work relationships and interaction
Assessment Criteria 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4
Activity 2
You have been asked to give a presentation for the interview panel to demonstrate your
understanding of the impact of organisational structures and cultures on the effectiveness of the
Your presentation must cover the following topics:
 an analysis of the characteristics of different organisational structures
 evaluate the importance of organisational culture theory in developing organisational
You will need to produce your notes for the presentation and have appropriate hand-outs for the panel
detailing the topics covered.
To support your presentation, the panel have requested an information booklet, which must cover the
following topics:
 an analysis of how organisations can facilitate innovation and creativity
 an assessment of the importance of learning in organisations
Universal Business Academy (UBA)
 an evaluation of effectiveness of team working
 an analysis of the effective management of change in organisations


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