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organisational decision making.

Following your interview, the panel have found it difficult to select one applicant and have asked you
to complete a final selection task applied to a specific organisation of your choice. You must create
an information pack which demonstrates your understanding of how the organisation can improve
employee effectiveness to respond to business opportunities.
Your information pack must include:
 an analysis of the culture and structure of the chosen organisation, including an evaluation of
how they impact on its effectiveness
Assessment Criteria 2.3
Activity 4
Congratulations – you have been selected as the new Organisational Development Officer. One of
your first tasks is to evaluate the effectiveness of organisational decision making. Your line manager
has asked you for a report.
Your report must include:
 an analysis of different approaches to organisational decision making
 an assessment of management approaches to risk and uncertainty in decision making
Following your preparatory work, your manager would like you to apply your understanding by
including in your report:
 an evaluation of the effectiveness of organisational decisions in an organisation of your
Your report should be informative and well presented.
Assessment Criteria 4.1/4.2/4.3
Universal Business Academy (UBA)
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Universal Business Academy (UBA)
Guidelines for assessors
The assignments submitted by students must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards
specified by the assessment criteria for the unit. The suggested evidence listed below is how
students can demonstrate that they have met the required standards.
ACs Suggested evidence
1 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 The report must demonstrate learners’ understanding of a broad
range of leadership theories. When considering management
styles, learners must evaluate the impact of at least three
different styles on organisational effectiveness.
The report should include a detailed analysis of how a range of
motivational theories can inform employee motivation, along
with theories relating to relationships and interaction.
The report should be in an appropriate format suitable for the
audience given in the assignment.
2 2.1/2.2/3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4 The presentation should cover all the main topics stated in the
task, demonstrating analysis and evaluation.
The presentation format is flexible but must be supported by
detailed notes, which demonstrate how organisational
structures and culture impact on the effectiveness of the
organisation. The handouts prepared by the learner must be
detailed with appropriate style and content for the identified
The information booklet should be appropriately detailed,
covering all the main topics stated in the task, demonstrating
analysis, assessment and evaluation. The booklet should be
well presented, clearly demonstrating an understanding of how
the organisation can improve employee effectiveness to
respond to business opportunities. A range of examples should
be used to illustrate innovation, creativity and effective team
3 2.3 The information pack must provide accurate and detailed
information on the culture and structure of the stated
organisation that has been selected. There must be a clear
evaluation of how both impact on its effectiveness. The pack
may include a diagram of the organisation structure.


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