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Our research topic is the choice of celebration of the young generation forecast social change. This research topic has been selected to see the impact of western events on young generation of our country. Questionnaires were given to the youngster’s separately Questionnaires consist of 14 questions and we gave 30 copies of questions to separate individuals. The results are showed on pie charts and there is little discussion on every question. We came to know that youngsters like to celebrate western events but they also know that these often create vulgarity among them.

One side they agree that these events mislead new generation and may cause deviant behavior but they also attract towards those events because of their glamour. There are positive and negative responses from youngsters toward western events. Observation shows that if youngsters know the reason and history that belong to western events, encourage their attitude may become changed toward these events. The negative impact of western events may be controlled by the adult and should be encourage with Islamic values and local cultural events. 2. Introduction

The aim of the reports is to find out the cultural change that is going to be invited by the young generation through their way of celebration. As the sources of the research we have exploited books, internet and went for surveying people etc. the result shows both the good and bad impact of the way of celebration of the young generation on our society and culture which survey on our society and which surely opens doors for culture change. 2. 1 What is an Event? An event is usually staged by a local community, which enters on some unique aspect of that community.

Among many religions, event is a set of celebration in honors of God/s. But in common Events is a program that is usually held at regular intervals often in one place. People are waiting for those days to celebrate these events. Often events comes in once in the year. These events differ from each other on the basis of religious and geographical characteristics of the people. The events allow the people to rejoice themselves. It also creates a cultural harmony among them. 2. 2 The nature of western events Now a day, because of amazing development in the field of science world has become the global village.

Western culture attracts the people all over the world. Western events are not only associated with the national days and Religions days they also celebrate social problem and occasion specific to a day. Western people celebrate New Year Day, valentine Day, Friendship Day, Rose Day, Love Day, and Music Day with great zeal. They also associate days with the love and devotion towards father and mother and celebrate father’s day and mother’s day. The purpose to celebrate the teacher’s day is to give tribute to teachers. In Bangladesh many people celebrate New Year, on 1st January.


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