Need help in a statquiz. Make sure you Very skilled very good at R lanuguage!!!

The quiz is take place in 10/30 this Friday, October 30, 3-3:50pm PDT. Make sure you available in this time.
Which is about 18 hours later form now.
I will tell u more imformaation later.
Make sure you Very skilled, very good at R lanuguage!!!!!!!!
The exam will be open note and open R (lecture notes, R/RStudio, any course materials provided.

  • Short answer questions are mostly conceptual/literacy questions that require you to find and explain flaws in code and/or how to improve code.
  • Free response questions require you to write functions from scratch, similar to shorter homework questions.
  • The exam will cover the material in Chapters 1-5 of the lecture notes. Any material covered in lecture, homework, or required reading (except the Formal Arguments reading from Week 4) is considered fair game. R Markdown syntax will not be tested.

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