Need amendments in already done assignment

The assignment is already done with references. But, it does not make any sense from top to bottom. There are grammatical mistakes, inappropriate sentences. You have to make changes, you can new stuff also. It is critical analysis on the topic- arch of titus.
Please make sure assignment should be realistic.
Overview: Throughout the course, we are investigating and analysing broad trends and themes in Roman art and architecture. In these assignments, you will be asked to critically analyse a specific example of art and architecture in relation to these trends and themes.

The aim of these assignments is to reconstruct the meaning, values, and functions inherent in your chosen piece of art/architecture. In order to do this, you will need to provide a detailed description of your chosen piece, and consider the ways in which it engages with and/or challenges broader artistic trends.
Although you will need to engage with secondary scholarship, I want to hear YOUR voice – do not just summarize other people’s opinions, but construct your own argument and analysis. This position should be clearly laid out in a thesis statement! For guidance on thesis statements and essay outlines, see /
Some points you may wish to consider when approaching your analysis (note – this is not an exhaustive list, but simply some suggestions for areas of exploration):

  • What do you see? Describe the piece in detail.
  • Where was it located? Under what circumstances was it produced? Is the dating significant?
  • Who could view the piece (i.e. was it public or private)?
  • What are the political implications of the piece, if any?
  • How does the piece engage in art historical trends?
  • Is the piece significant outside of its original context (i.e. did it start a new trend, has it been copied or reimagined in creative ways, etc.)?
  • Do the ancient Romans talk about the piece in their own literature? If so, what do they say, and how might their interpretation differ from our own?

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