Mutiple choice questions for Verbal reasoning test and deductive reasoning tests

Verbal reasoning test and deductive reasoning tests Choose any one of the right answer out of three options. (Minimum pass grade is 80%)

I. A few ‘Safe As Houses’ alarms have been redesigned in an attempt to reduce the large number of complaints where alarms have sounded by accident. One of the new types of alarm is less sensitive than its predecessors. Studies have shown that these newer alarms are rarely activated for no reason. ‘Safe as Houses’ still sells a number of the original, sensitive alarm systems, because the increase in threshold for motion detection means that the new style alarms may fail to register break-in where limited force is being used.

1. The new alarm systems should better protect homes than the previous system.

True/False/Cannot say

2. Some people prefer to buy alarms that sometimes activate for no reason. True/False/Cannot say

II. A newly developed process of creating artificial skin may be useful for treating burns and wounds. The established method of treating such injuries is using a skin graft taken from another, usually unseen, part of the body. However, artificial skin, grown in the lab from cells called fibroblasts, has shown in a handful of trials to have better healing properties than ‘living skin’ and a lower tendency towards scarring. The process is currently being refined by researchers, who maintain that the wide availability of artificial skin could completely transform the way burns and other skin damage are treated.

Verbal reasoning test and deductive reasoning tests

3. The artificial skin grafting process is readily available.

True/False/Cannot say

4. Artificial skin and living skin are identical. True/False/Cannot say

III. A report from a prestigious university has urged the world’s richest countries to consider the precarious position of bird species from around the world. The study suggests that acting now could ensure the survival of 400 to 900 species of land bird that are at risk because of the actions of humans. The report pays particular attention to the dangers faced by those species which are highly specialized, and may not be able to adapt to changes in their environment. Richer countries currently have little awareness of the dangers faced by bird species around the world, and tend to concentrate on the preservation of local species instead.

5. The report’s main focus is on bird species located in third-world countries.

True/False/Cannot say

6. Rich counties show little awareness of the need to preserve bird species.

True/False/Cannot say

IV. A UN report has warned of the potential problems of global warming. If the production of greenhouse gases continues at the current rate, this will result in the melting of the ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic. The consequences of this will be rising sea levels, which will endanger 145 million people. In response to the problem, the report observes the need for an immediate international agreement on reducing emissions.

7. Reducing emissions will help to slow down the progress of global warming.

True/False/Cannot say

8. Greenhouse gases are produced in greater quantities in Greenland and The Antarctic.

True/False/Cannot say

V. Although people are buying less sugar to add to their food, the percentage of sugar eaten in manufactured foods is increasing sharply. In manufactured food, sugar is often referred to on the label as fructose, sucrose or dextrose. Most studies show that the human body cannot tell the difference between fructose and sucrose. Because of the increase in childhood obesity, there is a concern at the growing compulsion to eat over-sugared food. No studies prove that consuming large amounts of sugar causes coronary heart disease, however. Also, sugar does not by itself make people fat.

9. There is no correlation between the overconsumption of sugar and coronary heart disease.

True/False/Cannot say

10. Some studies show that the human body treats sucrose and fructose differently.


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