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The producer

The producer is a musical comedy American movie acted in the year 2005. The movie was directed by Susan Stroman and it was written by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan. The movie was acted after giving 2001 Broadway musical name. Which in turn it was based on Brooks 1967 move of the similar name starring Zero Mostel, Andres Voutsinas and Gene Wilder. Moreover, the film was cast by a group of individuals including the following actor: Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Will Ferrell, Gary Beach, Roger Bart, and John Lovitz. The creature effect of a movie was succeeded by Jim Henson’s creature shop. The movie was slightly released in the United States by universal pictures on 16th Dec 2005 and it was followed by wide release in one week later. The movie gathered general mix reviews from critics and was a commercial failure, earning $ 38 million worldwide from a $ 45 million budget.

The movie takes it path following the move of theatre musical funny boy ( opening night) by William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  The show by funny boy attracts the producer max Bialystok and he hires the Leo Bloom who was neurotic as his accountant. When Leo was studying Max’s book, he comes to realize that as a flop is expected to lose money, the internal revenue service (IRS) will not investigate the finances of the failed productions ( Sedgwick & Pokorny, 2005). Leo comes to the conclusion that by selling an excess of shares, a flop could generate up to $2 million. At later time Max refuses Leo help to claim that they can do it for themselves.

After Leo being refused by Max to work for him, then Leo decided to return back to his old accounting film. At that time Leo starts thinking critically of being Broadway producer .After Leo thinking of being Broadway producer he quit his job and forms Bialystock and Bloom with max. Max and Leo start searching for the worst play ever written and they found Springer time for Hitler, which a musical written by an ex-Nazi was named Franz Liebkind. For max and Leo in order to acquire Franz’s rights to the musical, performed by Hitler’s favorite song they had to swear and take the oaths.

In order to avoid the failure of the play, Max and Leo decided to meet flamboyant director Roger De Bris and his assistant Carmen Ghia. Roger was reluctant to direct the play but when Max and Leo suggested that they will win a Tony award, and then Rogers agree with the condition that they will play gay. At their office, a Sweden woman named Ulla comes to the audition and at that time Leo points out that they had not started casting and Max hire Ulla as their secretary until they audition her later.

Max dalliances with several elderly women who help him to raise approximately $2 million to fund the musical. Leo expresses disappointment about the dangers of sex. He complains that sex distracts him from his work, and he shares a kiss with Ulla. At the auditions for the role of Hitler, performer’s rendition of German song angered Franz so much. The performance made him storm the stage and perform it himself. Franz performance on the stage attracted Max who hired him to play Hitler.

On the opening night, Leo wishes good luck to the cast and the crew who were preparing to go on stage. But the group warns that it is a bad luck to wish a good luck on the opening night. They claim that the correct phrase to say during the opening night is “break the leg” (Baber,2006). To get ready for the play, Franz leaves to prepare for it. However, as he prepares for the play he breaks his leg in a fall. Max had no option but to enlist Roger to perform the role in the place of Franz, and Roger accepted the deal.

As the show begins, some of the audience is not pleased with the first song. As the show continues, some people begin to leave the show until Roger enters the stage as Hitler. On the stage, Roger was exuberance that he attracted the attention of the audience. His play causes the audience to misinterpret the play as satire, making the show to become smash. At the office, a dispute erupted between Leo and Max but stops immediately when Carmen and Roger come into the office to congratulate them on the show. However, Max seems to be unhappy about Roger’s actions. He angrily confronted him for his actions, but when Carmen tried to defend Roger, Max attacks him and physically tortured him. At that moment, Franz appears and he was disappointed with them, he even attempted to shoot them for going against the oath by Mocking Hitler, only to attract the attention of the police who were on patrol. Franz breaks his other leg while he was attempting to evade the police with Max. Unlucky, both of them was apprehended and taken to the police station.

Max was imprisoned for tax fraud while Leo elopes with Ulla to Rio de Janeiro.While Max was about to be sentenced for his crimes, Leo returns to defend him against the government allegations. At the court, Judge sentences Max and Leo for five years at Sing Sing prison because he realized that the two of them are close and inseparable. While at the prison, they started writing and producing other new musical “prisoners of love”. Their production at the prison attracted the attention of the governor. The Governor allowed Leo, Max, and Franz to collaborate with Roger and Ulla so that they can release “prisoners of Love”. The play’s success would mean that Max and Leo will at the end become successful Broadway producers. As the show end, the cast group sings the song “Goodbye” as the audience leaves the theater.

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