Muhammad, the founder of Islam, died in AD 632.


High birth rates account for 96 percent of Islam’s growth; forced conversions account for an additional 3 percent. The Muslim birth rate is 3.1 children per female of child-bearing age, compared to 1.7 for non-Muslim females — and Muslim men may keep up to four wives at a time. While Muslim populations are exploding, birth control and abortion in western countries are driving non-Muslim populations into extinction.

Muhammad, the founder of Islam, died in AD 632. Immediately following his death his followers exploded out of Arabia to begin their quest for world domination, and they have been fighting continually ever since. Muslims everywhere dream of a one world government headed by an Islamic Caliph and governed by Sharia Law; militant Muslims fight continually to live this dream. In fact the only way a Muslim is guaranteed forgiveness of sins and entry into paradise is to be killed or injured while fighting to spread Islam.

There are eight well-defined forms of Islamic jihad:                                                         

  1. Procreation (four wives, each producing children)
  2. Media (political correctness; anti-Christian rhetoric)
  3. Education (revising history; re-writing widely used textbooks)
  4. Economic (oil embargos; mass destruction of property)
  5. Physical (mass murder and terrorism; migrations)
  6. Legal (predatory lawsuits; demands for Islamic “rights”)
  7. Humanitarian (charity for Muslims only; let non-Muslims starve as in-Darfur)
  8. Political (subversion of government institutions)

Lands which Muslim fighters have conquered and rule with Islamic Law are in the House of Islam: currently Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. The House of War is every land where Muslims do not yet rule—and where Islamists will fight until they prevail no matter how long it takes.

Muslims who adhere to Qur’anic doctrine force everyone under their control to practice the tenets of Islam and submit to Muslim authority.

From 2001 to 2017, Islamic terrorists carried out more than 32,000 deadly attacks that killed more than 85,000 innocent and unsuspecting civilians ( Between the founding of Islam in 610 and 2006, Islamists murdered more than 270 million non-Muslims. (Bill Warner: The Islamic Trilogy, 2006)

If current population trends continue, Islamic jihadists will achieve their goal of world domination without having to conquer even one more country or murder even one more infidel.

Islamic nations spend a great deal of wealth to convince the world that Islam is a peaceful religion. They expertly use the Internet, newspapers, magazines, films, documentaries, radio, television, and nonprofit organizations to spread their propaganda.

Islamic attacks have but one purpose—world conquest as commanded by Allah.  Muslim attacks, migrations, invasions and conquests began shortly after the founding of Islam. Only after the last Muslim Empire (Ottoman) was defeated in WWI in 1918 did Islamists lose the power to conquer whole nations. Since then, Islamists have been conquering one house at a time, one acre of land at a time, one village at a time, one migration at a time and one terrorist attack at a time. Each committed Muslim wages jihad as if he is sent by Allah to convert, enslave or kill all infidels.


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