Motivation, Satisfaction, Performance

Employees are quite sensitive to issues of motivation and job satisfaction while undertaking their delegated duties. The top management of the organization must be strong to hold the issues of employees and direct them in the right way whenever there is misconduct to improve performance. In the paper, a mini-case of Initech versus the Coffee Bean will be the area of focus. The first question just below the mini-case is the question focused in the paper.

How would you gauge Peter’s achievement orientation?

Peter achievement orientation is on a low scale due to several factors presented in the mini-case. Firstly, Peter lacks the motivation as there is no promotion in the job and the wages are not increased once one’s productivity increases (Hughes & Ginette, 2009). The management in the organization is unquestionable and is managed by eight heads thus lack proper directions to whom to report to any issues.

What are some of the needs not being met for Peter Gibbons at Initech?

            The working environment in Peter’s organization fails to motivate the workers. The remuneration and incentives lack therefore less motivation to work. Job satisfaction in terms of follow up by the management is less reflecting on the poor performance of Peter. He states that the only real motivation he has is to work just hard enough not to get fired (Hughes & Ginette, 2009).

What changes might improve Peter’s motivation?

            Peter’s motivation can be increased by rewarding him more I terms of incentives and a better wage rate. Additionally, managerial control must get limited to have a clear direction on whom to answer to. Creating an open manager-employee relationship will motivate Peter and other employees to deliver quality services (Pham, 2016).


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