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Modeling the Health benefits and economic implications

Based on the study objective, majority of the respondents had the knowledge of the issue surrounding medical sector about data protection. The data protection issue was in existence but the majority of the respondents indicated that they were not aware of the potential risks associated with the spyware. Despite the fact that the medical practitioners were aware of what spyware and adware was, their knowledge concerning the risks associated with them was no adequate. This was evident by the data collected through questionnaires where majority of the respondents indicated that they had encountered the problem of spyware. In addition, the medical practitioners who responded to the study questionnaire indicated that they lacked knowledge of fixing the spyware problem. Therefore, we can conclude that the issue of spyware which is major contributor to medical healthcare data theft has been there but has failed to be addressed due to the fact that medical practitioners lacked knowledge of potential risks and how to fix the problem. This greatly contributed to data theft and manipulation of the stored medical reports thus resulting to poor healthcare delivery services. From the research study objective, we can conclude that data protection greatly contributed to delivery of quality healthcare services to the target groups. There is the need to have data protection mechanisms for medical sector in order to offer quality healthcare services.





As a result of knowledge gap for medical practitioners concerning the potential risks of spyware and adware, as well as lack of knowledge on how to fix the problems, the sector can adopt a number strategies which can improve on the issue. The medical practitioners can be taken through training programs where they can learn about the potential risks of spyware and also be taught on how to fix them. Alternatively, the health institutions can employ IT experts who can secure the systems or rather make frequent and efficient system upgrades to ensure cybercrime is hard to emerge. Therefore, the study recommends the use of advanced security mechanisms which enhance healthcare data safety. Adequate and frequent data storage system upgrade should be employed in the event of achieving safety of healthcare data.


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