Missing & Murdered Indigenous women – History of Human Rights in Canada

I’m working on a History project and need guidance to help me understand better.
This 4-6 page newsletter will enable students to analyze human rights issues in Canada. Each group will research an issue (civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights, indigenous rights international terrorism etc), analyze the reasons for its emergence and briefly discuss proposed solutions. The findings of the group will be presented in a newsletter format .In your newsletter make sure to:
1) Summarize the right being violated
2) identify and analyze the human rights issues: What human rights are addressed? Who is involved? Who is responsible for fulfilling these rights? Do you notice any important gaps? What historical structures, documents or events influenced the violation?
3) What would be some areas of future research in the context of the issues you have raised?
This is a group project.I got allotted 2B and 3 part(I will share the news letter template i made already).So, i want you to make just 2B and 3 part and headlines.Moreover, please feel free to reach out to me and also feel free to change the template as it is vague.So, i will share 2 files with you.One is sample, that is a sample how a newsletter is supposed to be.The other one is doc file, which i have made already and i want you to work on it and make 2B , 3 and headline part.As that is the portion i got alloted.It is a group project.Please feel to reach out to me.
Missing & Murdered Indigenous women – History of Human Rights in Canada – This is my topic.


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