Ministerial authority

In a colonial city that ought to be exemplary, Massachusetts Bay Colony required a theological vision to create unity among the dwellers. The uniting factor was leadership in the political and theological realm, and it was necessary to transmit the Good News through religious leaders who were to instruct the congregation on the way to live. Ministers encouraged discussions of sermons among believers due to the complexity of theological issues. It is through the group discussions that Hutchinson formed a group to exercise this religious freedom. Any criticisms of their scripture interpretations were blasphemous and a treason especially from a lay person such as a vocal woman.

The harsh judgment of believers that attempt to share their opinion and God’s revelation asserts of how ministerial authority had to transform to accommodate changes in the theological hierarchy. The belief of ministers as spokesmen of God gave the ministers sole authority in theological matters. Cities development was however proved to accelerate under a society that accommodates women, the poor, the unrighteous and the despised in the community. Freedom of preaching the gospel by any individual in U.S without ministerial accuracy bore diversity in religious practices.

Long-term impact of Hutchinson’s religious battle

The religious liberty is the main achievement of Anne Hutchinson and other heroes such as Martin Luther. Transformation of the religious principles such as the role of women in the society, restrictions of expressing theological matters and restructuring of social order have an impact on the society to date, more in U.S constitution. Puritanism is taking a new form where women that identify with the teachings of Anne Hutchinson has formed Puritanism women. The changes in culture have yielded legal development and civil rights to Puritans in the American culture. Appreciation of the gender role changes, the role of the clergy and social aspects that define a community is more flexible than in the past. Criticisms by political authorities for religious practices are unconstitutional, and trials of the kind are condemned greatly indicating personal liberty. Hutchinson fought for the rights of the weak in the society especially women (LPlante, 2010).



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