CN was founded in 1899 with Great Britain, the United States, and Germany as charter members. ICN is governed by a Council of National Representatives (CNR). The CNR is the governing body of the ICN and sets policy, admits members, selects a board of directors, and sets dues. As of 2013, there were 135 National Representatives (one for each member organization). National Representatives are selected by each member association. The CNR meets every two years.

Between meetings of the CNR, ICN is governed by a 16-member board of directors. Members of the board include ICN president and 15 directors elected on the basis of proportional representation from ICN’s seven geographic areas. Directors are term-limited to two consecutive four-year terms of office. The board meets at least once a year, although it usually meets three to four times a year.

ICN has four officers. They include a president and three vice presidents. The officers function as an executive committee for the board, and as the board’s budget and finance committee. The president is elected by the CNR. The president serves a four-year term of office, and is limited to one term in office. The vice presidents are elected from among the board members. The highest vote-getter is the First Vice President, the second-highest vote-getter the Second Vice President and the third-highest vote-getter the Third Vice President.

Day-to-day operations of ICN are overseen by a chief executive officer (CEO). In practice, the CEO exercises most of the power within ICN.

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