Marketing Plan

The task required to create a marketing plan for Garrett Popcorn in Australia.
1. General introduction (including a concise consumers and category market/ trend overview)
* The introduction shall include Background on Brand
* Market size of Actual vs forecasted sales, growth rate of market potential, structure : number of competitors in the market
*The marketing objective of the product
*Competitor content : Identify the 2 major competitors that your product will be analysed against throughout your marketing report.

2. Value Analysis
Describe the product’s value proposition
*In what ways is the product creating value for its customers? Consider a reduction in life cycle cost and/or an increase in benefit to the customer over the life of the relationship

3 Market Segmentation. (explain briefly market segmentation based on demographic, geographic, behavioural, and psychological)
*Who is your new market and why
*Can the market be split into “micro-segments” that is you may wish to break down the segment further should you see smaller groups of customers
* How does this segment behave ?
Consider :
1. Benefit sought/usage behaviour?
2. Price sensitivity
3. Loyalty
4.Describe the target consumers in terms of demographics, social economy variables and/or psychographics
5. Identify the segments key value drivers
6. Scope to undertake a cost/benefits analysis
7. what emerging trends, challenges or issues could impact future customer behaviour?
8. Scope to undertake SWOT analysis

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