market segmentation analysis

market segmentation analysis

QUESTION 1 The technology that allows more computing power to be packed into the chassis of the computer system is called Virtualization Autonomic computing Blade computing Grid computing 1 points QUESTION 2 A Business Intelligence (BI) system used by the marketing function for performing market segmentation analysis would be called an enterprise system. True False 1 points QUESTION 3 Collecting on accounts receivables, performing market analysis, and hiring a new employee are examples of business processes that can be supported by information systems. True False 1 points QUESTION 4 A relocation control system of a firm reports summaries of the total moving, house-hunting, and home financing costs of its employees. The system also embeds a “what if” capability that allows managers of the firm to assess the impact on total cost of changing the moving company the firm uses for relocating employees. Considering the various capabilities of this system, such a system would best be viewed as a: KMS hybrid MIS and TPS hybrid MIS and DSS MIS only 1 points QUESTION 5 Firms typically get high returns from their IT investments as they are able to easily align information technology with their business models, processes and strategies. True False 1 points QUESTION 6 When storage discs are pooled, computer servers access these storage discs via a SLA SaaS SAN LAN 1 points QUESTION 7 It would be better to use an MIS type of information system rather than a DSS when making the decision on whether to introduce a new product line. True False 1 points QUESTION 8 TCP is a network layer protocol. True False 1 points QUESTION 9 In the Digital World, workers in high-wage affluent economies would increasingly be doing proceduralized type of work. True False 1 points QUESTION 10 If your business needs to receive a significant amount of video traffic, then which of the following networks would be best for the computers in your firm to be connected to? 802.11g 802.11n 802.11b Bluetooth 1 points QUESTION 11 When we take a 3-dimensional view of information systems, the three main dimensions to consider are: management, technology, and organization technology, management, and customers organization, information, and management management, technology, and partners 1 points QUESTION 12 SAN refers to the notion of lowering the cost of building software applications by reusing pre-built components. True False 1 points QUESTION 13 An airline reservation system is primarily a TPS type of system. True False 1 points QUESTION 14 The primary function of a DNS server is to translate the IP address of a computer to its domain name. True False 1 points QUESTION 15 The client-server architecture splits processing between how many tiers of computing? 1 2 3 4 1 points QUESTION 16 If you need a computer server to run both Windows and UNIX software applications at the same time, the technology that accomplishes this is called SOA Virtualization Blade computing Cloud computing 1 points QUESTION 17 Which systems are typically a major source of data for other systems? management information systems transaction processing systems decision support systems executive support systems 1 points QUESTION 18 Which type of system would you use if you were interested in finding the three worst suppliers last year who had the longest lead times in shipping parts to your firm? MIS TPS DSS KMS 1 points QUESTION 19 TPS systems are mainly used by the operational workers of a firm. True False 1 points QUESTION 20 The primary goal of server virtualization technology is to reduce the number of storage discs in a data center. True False 1 points QUESTION 21 Which of the following statements are true about enterprise systems? I. ERP systems are more internally oriented than SCM systems. II. SAP is an example of an enterprise system. III. Nowadays, it is possible to purchase an ERP system that bundles in CRM and SCM packages IV. Enterprise systems can help with enhancing operational efficiency I and II II and III II, III, and IV I, II, III, and IV 1 points QUESTION 22 Which type of system would you use to forecast the return on investment if you used new suppliers with better delivery track records? DSS MIS TPS KMS 1 points QUESTION 23 Which of the following represents a collection of 4 enterprise systems? SCM, CRM, DSS, and KMS SCM, CRM, ESS, and KMS ERP, CRM, DSS, and SCM ERP, KMS, CRM, and SCM 1 points QUESTION 24 A system that provides a real-time view of the overall state of the business is called a(n) ERP system portal ESS E-commerce system 1 points QUESTION 25 A router looks at the TCP protocol information in the header of a network packet to decide which direction to forward the packet to. True False 1 points QUESTION 26 As the Procurement Manager of a firm, you are negotiating the purchase of certain types of IT products from Seagate. A good tactic to bring Seagate down on price would be to get a competing bid from Alcatel Western Digital Intel Microsoft 1 points QUESTION 27 Cloud computing providers can benefit from utilizing storage area network (SAN) technology. True False 1 points QUESTION 28 Invoking a Web Service involves an exchange of HTML documents between the calling application and the Web Service. True False 1 points QUESTION 29 Packets may carry priority information in the header of the packet, which would cause routers and switches to give preferential treatment to those packets as they are switched by the routers to their final destination. True False 1 points QUESTION 30 SOA refers to the notion of lowering the cost of servers and storage by pooling these resources together. True False 1 points QUESTION 31 Instructions: • • The following 5 questions must be done in both SQL and Excel. The same data tables, Employee_T, Performance_Review_T, Student_Information_T, Courses_Taken_T, Courses_T, Profes sor_Information_T are to be used for this exam. 1-Find the average GPA of courses that a student has taken that are neither in their major nor in their minor. The query should return student name, major, minor, and “other GPA”, where “other GPA” is the average GPA of courses taken by the student that are not in their minor or their major. Order the results in increasing order of other GPA. 2-Find the (state, department) combination with the highest average salary of workers considering only workers who joined after the year 1999. The query should return state, department, average salary of workers in that state and department who joined after 1999. 3-Find the number of introductory and advanced courses that the student Vincent Porter has taken broken down by department. The query should return student name, department, course level, number of courses taken in that department at that course level. For the EXCEL version, keep CourseID as the last column and do the subtotals in that column. 4-Find the number of highly-paid employees in the firm broken down by state and by department. The query should return state, department, number of highly-paid employees in that state and department. An employee is considered to be highly-paid if they fall into one of three categories: 1) a supervisor making more than $120,000, 2) a worker in the Marketing department making more than $90,000, 3) a worker in either the Accounting or the MIS department making more than $70,000. 5-Find supervisors whose average performance rating given to their workers is greater than or equal to 2.5 and average percent salary increase given to their workers is less than or equal to 5%. Both conditions must be met. The query should return supervisor name, supervisor department, supervisory salary, average salary of workers reporting to that supervisor, average performance rating given by the supervisor to their workers, and average percent salary increase given by the supervisor to their workers. PLEASE ATTACH THE WORD DOCUMENT WITH SCREEN SHOTS OF BOTH THE SQL STATEMENT AND THE OUTPUT FOR EACH QUESTION. Attach File 50 points QUESTION 32 PLEASE ATTACH THE EXCEL WORK BOOK WITH EACH QUESTION ON A DIFFERENT TAB. YOU MUST ALSO TYPE IN THE STEPS TO GET TO THE FINAL ANSWER. For example, to a question on finding Bill Mohn’s GPA
in his minor, the spreadsheet should appear as: Attach File …

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